Cognilarity Solutions Pvt. Ltd

A few words about us

We are a new-age language services company, head-quartered in Mumbai, started in 2015 with a vision to create a mark in the area of offering localization services and helping businesses scale in the global village scenario.

Increasingly by the day, markets are breaking geographical barriers and there is an urgent need for businesses to communicate in the newer markets, in the language that the local populace speaks and understands best. It is not always only for understanding that the language becomes important, it is more for creating a significant impact as rightly put up by Nelson Mandela, If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

Language being so diverse across the globe, involving functions of culture, context, and beliefs etc., that it becomes difficult for customers to reach different regional markets with agility and rightful communication. We at Cognilarity, help customers bridge this gap and support them in their growth and acquisition of new audiences.

We have consulted customers on their localization need from various domains and industries, and have delivered with aplomb, multiple projects in majority of all the global and Indic languages, including some of those sparsely spoken languages.

Our forte lies in deep appreciation of business localization need and then offering more a customized solution, keeping the contextual and cultural aspects fortified. We have a team of language experts spread across the globe and with our agile model, we can scale and deliver complex multiple language assignments on time. We understand different customers might have different needs, depending upon the domain and industry even if the language is the same. With a huge database of virtual teams which is ever increasing, our vendor managers helps to assign a particular project to the right resource. We have a dedicated project- coordinator assigned as single point of contact for all projects to ensure seamless communication and project-delivery.

We serve our customers on language services for all kinds of static and dynamic digital content including all kinds of Text, Audio, and Video etc.

Our Purpose

We help our customers enhance their reach and communicate their value proposition or any business content in any part of the world, in the language best suited for that geography and audiences.

Our Vision

To become a leading service provider of localization and language services across the world.

Our Mission

To serve our customers holistically for all their localization needs, marrying the Intelligence-Agility of technology and Sensitivity-Personal touch of human being.


Ajit Singh
(Chief Executive Officer)

Ajit has two decades of corporate experience before making it at Cognilarity. He brings with him lot of business acumen, scalability and automation. He has lead highly empowered teams and is an acknowledged people’s person. A first generation entrepreneur, likes to get lost in wilderness. At Cognilarity, Ajit steers the business and customer success.

Pramod Bubna
(Chief Operations Officer)

Pramod has over a decade and half of experience in leading business operation in various domains. With his astute delivery capabilities, his forte lies in optimizing operations for efficiency and cost. A born entrepreneur, likes to dabble with multiple tasks, sets priorities with ease. At Cognilarity, he manages the operations as its Chief.