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Localization is the art of communicating to multiple diverse audiences with a sense of consistent purpose. The diversity could be cultural, lingual, functional, legal, geographical etc.

Generally localization might be seen or understood as translation. However in reality and technically speaking, Localization encompasses many other attributes than mere translation. Translation might be labelled as a subset of localization, Translation being a substantial piece.

Localization takes into account not only text, but also any visual content, audio content, display of colours, formats, legalities etc. Colour, Patterns, Sound could be direct or subtle but integral part of a particular culture and belief system. Just to cite an example to drive the point, Colour White in two different cultures can connote two different emotions, values and beliefs.

Localization thrives on consistency of purpose and meaning, even if it means modifying content altogether (in any form- text, audio, visual, graphics etc.). Though content would have been modified and para-phrased to suit local sensitivities, the communication or the intent of it should be absolutely universal.

Localization deals holistically covering multiple aspects of a single offering. Thus for a single product, all its marketing collaterals including advertisements (audio-video), Product descriptions, Training Content, Self-Help Sections, Online- Guides (audio-video), Feedback- seeking etc. needs to be considered for Localization for diverse audiences.

Localization is aimed at enhancing market-reach, building acceptance in diverse markets and of course impacting positively the bottom-line.

As per a credible research, almost 3/4th of consumers are likely to engage with the product or services, if it is communicated in their native language.

With our expert Localization engineering and lingual teams, we are capable of delivering the best of solutions on all your localization needs.

Some of the Services we offer are:

- Comprehensive Multilingual DTP services

DTP is a very critical feature of communication, largely visual. It takes care of touch & feel of the content’s consistency and also eliminates the possibility of blunders by positioning of symbolic content like decimals, comma, full stop etc. Cognilarity offers DTP services on all the major languages, Indic and Global.

- Multilingual Voice-Over services

In an Audio-Video Content, the audio plays a very critical part in accentuating the Video. A dull Audio Quality or Language of explanation can bring down the utility of the content drastically. Also, most of the times, the same video content can be significantly used to multiply reach by just mixing the right voice over in numerous languages. Our chosen language experts at Cognilarity with their fine voice quality promise to deliver the best voice-over output.

- Sub-Titling of Video Content ( Translation or Transliteration)

The audio content in one language can be either translated in another desired language or Transliterated in the same language. Translation of sub-titles makes the content relevant to bilingual audience, whereas transliteration enhances the reach and eliminates any dialectical differences for the same language. Just to drive a point, Hindi one of the prominent Indic Languages has multiple dialects like Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Maithili etc. Transliteration acts as a bridge between these dialects. Cognilarity with its domain-specific language experts offers a context-driven quality sub-titling services.

- E-learning Content Localization (Text, Audio- Video)

E-learning by its very nature stands for easy dissemination of content with a wide-spread audience. With Localization, the e-learning can be customized to suit various diverse audiences keeping the cultural, legal, linguistic aspects in mind. Cognilarity offers expert consulting and execution in the area of E-learning localization.

- Software and Mobile-Apps Localization

For your effective audience reach and acceptance, with its multi-domain experience, Cognilarity can support and help you to effectively customize your software applications and programs to suit multiple linguistic geographies.